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Transformation Station Scans

Transformation Station Scans

During the Transformation Station Scans project we would like to introduce directions of research currently being done, present activities in the field of culture, and enliven the discussion on the topic. The idea behind the series of lectures and meetings is the recognition of young research community in Tricity. Invited scientists — both beginners and experienced ones — will help us show interesting areas and attitudes which might become linked with the field of arts in the near future. Under the premise of interdisciplinarity of arts and culture research, we decided to present the achievements of both practitioners and theorists. Therefore we invited architects, art historians and sociologists dealing with art criticism, cultural policies and urban space issues, such as its revitalisation, aesthetics and cultural significance. Most of all we hope that Transformation Station Scans project will awaken an urge to discover, and will encourage all the people concerned to look closer at the areas of artistic and cultural activities in Tricity.

Curator and coordinator: Dorota Kucharczyk

Monika Arczyńska — 15.04, 18:00, European Solidarity Centre

Museum of art: contests, concepts, compromises

Maksymilian Bochenek — 20.05.2015, 18:00, European Solidarity Centre

National Programme for Culture “Signs of the Times” — Polish collections of contemporary art

Dominika Piluk — 17.06, 18:00 European Solidarity Centre

Postmodernism in Gdansk — the perverse example of aesthetic consistency in architecture of Gdansk

Wojciech Chmielewski — 30.09, 18:00, European Solidarity Centre

Reconstruction of 10 Waryńskiego street townhouse elevation in Gdansk: construction chronicle along with historical, technical, legal, economic and social contexts

Katarzyna Lincer and Dorota Kucharczyk — 07.10, 18:00, European Solidarity Centre

Plastic arts projects as a tool shaping the spaces of post-war housing developments in Gdansk

Barbara Tusk — 21.10, 18:00, European Solidarity Centre

New forms of communal green — a potential for public spaces of Gdansk

Łukasz Bugalski — 18.11, 18:00, European Solidarity Centre

Cultural heritage embedded in urban structure of historical Gdansk downtown