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Solidarity with refugees day

Solidarity with refugees day

October 15th 2015

There comes a day when you have to say what you think loudly and clearly. To tell about the values that unite, not divide. To talk about fears that can be overcome. To name the evil we have to object. Today is that day.

We announce the 15th of October 2015 a day of Solidarity with Refugees in all public institutions, cultural places, NGOs and in the media. We want to say: “You are welcome!” to all those who flee their homelands because of war, chaos, famine, inferno and poverty, because Poland has always been famous for hospitality and solidarity. The fate of refugee and migrant is embedded in our culture and history. We have always been able to help others and show them compassion.

By the “Solidarity with Refugees” action we want to tell the citizens of our country that we are numerous enough to help all the people in need. We want to show that those who arouse fear, hostility or aversion against refugees, those who use hate speech, they do not speak on behalf of all the society. There is a no for racism in Poland. There is a no for hate towards the weaker, the vulnerable, and those in need.

On the 15th of October 2015 we will wander how to help. We will talk about our fears and reasons behind them. We will ask about things we do not know. Because we want to overcome hostility and aversion, fears and prejudices, indifference and ignorance. Every public, private or non-governmental institution, and also every one of us, the citizens of our country can take part in the Solidarity with Refugees day. We will set up meetings, artistic activities, discussions, lectures, exhibitions, happenings, screenings, and fund-raisers.

Let’s send the information about taking part and planned actions to uchodzcymilewidziani@gmail.com. Let’s spread the news about it on our private and institutional fanpages and internet sites.

Let’s show that there are plenty of good-will people in Poland!

More on Solidarity with Refugees Day: http://uchodzcymilewidziani.com A complete list of signatories: http://uchodzcymilewidziani.com/uczestnicy/