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Transformation Station Scans

Polish collections of contemporary art

Polish collections of contemporary art

Lecture by Maksymilian Bochenek

May the 20th 18.00 European Culture Centre

Polish Ministry of Culture established the “Signs of the Times” programme in 2004. Former minister Waldemar Dąbrowski’s initiative aimed at creating several regional collections until 2013, which later would serve as seeds of institutions focused on most recent art. Based on French model, the National Program for Culture “Signs of the Times” resulted in Fine Arts Incentive Associations (Towarzystwo Zachęty Sztuk Pięknych) arising in almost every Voivodship. Each of them adopted a different formula of collecting and popularising contemporary art. Depending on certain regional conditions as well as boards’ competence, various works of art were collected, starting from regional artists’ and local artistic communities’ works, ending with ambitious attempts to create little museums of Polish contemporary art filled with works of the most remarkable Polish artists. Initially “Signs of the Times” acquired a high position in National Programme for Culture, but consecutive Ministers of Culture paid less attention to it and assigned much smaller budgets.


Maksymilian Bochenek — History of art graduate at University of Gdansk, Museum Curatorial Studies graduate at Jagiellonian University, a doctoral student at History of Art department at University of Gdansk. Curator, producer, art critic, a co-founder of “Modelator” blog, curator of numerous expositions: “Schoenberg!” at Wyspa Institute of Art in Gdansk, “Re-Designing the East” at VKW in Stuttgart, „Teachers – Socrates at Duchamp’s” at Arts Institute in Gdansk. Co-curator and main producer of Alternativa 2013. He published in “Obieg”, “Visual Communication” and “Springerin” (among others).

The lecture will take place in cooperation with European Solidarity Centre as a part of Alternativa Foundation activity: Transformation Station Scans.