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Inside the white cube: the ideology of the gallery space

Inside the white cube: the ideology of the gallery space

Brian O’Doherty

Our first book has just been published. In the new series TEORIA PRAKTYKI we have published the legendary text of Brian O’Doherty “ Inside the white cube: the ideology of the gallery space”.

Aneta Szyłak, the translator of the book writes in introduction “deep reading of the text allows us to conclude that the book asks universal questions concerning the Wester paradigm of art, with its key issue of the artificial character of the space devoted solely to exhibiting art. The essay, even though it was written twenty five years ago, can answer many contemporary questions concerning art, for example why art is escaping from galleries, why art endeavours various forms of social activism or why art tries to solve problems of the audience, relations between objects in space, perception of art and credibility of systems valuing it. The books shows the discourse of contemporary art with its functions and forms of expression. Also how the art of sixties and seventies tried to avoid the mechanism of commercialization. It brings rich material illustrating how the galleries of New York and Paris participated in the process of conceptualization and critic of their spaces. Also how the galleries participated in deconstruction of their myth, similarly today big museums try to incorporate the institutional critic into their program strategies.”

Brian O’Doherty, photo: Fionn McCann

The series TEORIA PRAKTYKI opened with this book aims to give art professionals, students and researches access Polish versions of theoretical texts relating to artistic practices of creating, exhibiting and curating from the standpoint of seeing relationships which tie art in various dependencies and engagements.

The book was published within the project STACJA TRANSFORMACJA

The publication was financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodship.