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Alternativa 2016

Finishing of Alternativa Festival 2016 – program

Finishing of Alternativa Festival 2016 – program

Sept. 16, Gdansk Shipyard

We are finishing the program of the Alternativa Festival. We are going to summarize the exhibition with the program: * visiting the exhibition with the producer Maksymilian Bochenek * performative action around Anton Kats’ work “Shipyard Takeover” – the results of workshops of Natalia Wiśniewska and Robert Sęk * action painting by Mariusz Tarkawian * concert od Agata Kurzyk * closing down, going out together to Night Fair in Patio Layup

Details of the program:

Producer’s tour – Maksymilian Bochenek - For the last time we are going to be guided through the exhibition “Damage and Loss” by the main producer of the Alternativa Festival – Maksymilian Bochenek. The meeting is an unique chance to hear the stories of the backstage of the production. During the tour the meanings and interpretations of the artworks are going to be plotted with stories of cooperation with the invited artists and often complex processes of realization of their ideas.

Maksymilian Bochenek – Vice-president of Alternativa Fundation, a historian of art, curator and producer. He was the general producer of four past editions of the Alternativa ( 2011,12,13,16) and such artistic projects as “What’s Plain Invites Pattern” in Palermo (2015), Subjective Bus Line – FLAAC in Genk (2012). He works in the field of art and architecture and researches on public collections of contemporary art.

Cello concert – Agata Kurzyk is a cello player and a composer, playing in Poland and abroad. Within the program of closing of Alternativa exhibition she is going to play a cello concert applying a technique of looping motives. The rhythms and sounds overlapping will carry the audience to a different acoustic plane.

Agata Kurzyk – the champion of Easter Europe in looping (Budapest 2012), finalist Boss Loop Station Championship 3 (Anaheim/LA/USA 2013). She received scholarship of Warsaw City Council – author of cello project in public space, the special guest of Stoff Fringe Festival (2012). Currently she is a student of postgraduate studies of composition at University of Music in Warsaw.

Participants of workshops with Natalia Wiśniewska and Rober Sęk, around the artwork of Anton Kats “Shipyard Takeover”, would animate the objects within the installation and would create new objects. By taking roles of the people engaged in changes of post-shipyard areas, the participants would relate to history, as well as, to the future.

“Sixth Extinction” by Mariusz Tarkawian, commissioned for this year’s Alternativa, would become the object of action painting by the author accompanied by sounds.