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About us

About us




Chapter I

General Provisions

§ 1 The foundation under the name of Alternativa hereinafter referred to as the Foundation instituted by Aneta Janikowska hereinafter referred to as the Founder.

§ 2 The Foundation has legal personality.

§ 3 The Foundation is seated in Gdańsk.

§ 4 The Foundation operates on the territory of the Republic of Poland and outside of it in accordance with the binding legal regulations.

§ 5 The Foundation uses a seal indicating its name, seat and emblem.

§ 6 The Foundation is supervised by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

Chapter II

The Foundation’s objectives, rules and forms of its operation

§ 7 The objectives of the Foundation are:

1) supporting artistic, research and curatorial creations in the visual arts field,

2) promotion of Polish art abroad,

3) inspiring and moderating the theoretical contemplations on the role and function of art and curatorial practice,

4) building up visual arts theory,

5) improving professional qualifications of employees in the art field,

6) building understanding for the role of art in social life through mobilizing the residents and revitalization of neglected city areas,

7) building tools for educational reflection and participation in the visual arts field,

8) supporting the role of books in receiving contemporary art.

§ 8 The Foundation pursues its objectives though the following:

1) Organizing exhibitions and other forms of showing contemporary art, in particular, through organizing the International Festival of Visual Arts Alternativa,

2) organizing meetings, lectures, conferences and workshops which support an in-depth contemplation of visual culture and its role in the contemporary times,

3) creating places where the Foundation’s objectives may be carried out,

4) organizing temporary art education forms related to contemporary art and widely understood visual culture,

5) collecting and preparing the archives of the Foundation’s activities and chosen issues of contemporary visual culture,

6) publishing,

7) supporting and stimulating scientific research over contemporary visual culture,

8) organizing conferences and seminars,

9) running educational and social programs pertaining to contemporary visual culture in particular addressed to the least privileged social groups,

10) cooperating with state institutions and social organizations acting within the scope of the Foundation’s objectives and cooperating with galleries, museums, universities, schools, artistic groups and natural persons in Poland and abroad, which/who are interested in the Foundation’s objectives,

11) collecting financial resources from sales of contributions, editions, public fund-raising, allowances, penalties awarder for the benefit of a public benefit institution, endowments, grant aids, inheritance and legacies,

12) selling of its own publications and those which have similar program.

§ 9 The Foundation does not run a business.

Chapter III

Foundation’s Structure

§ 10 The Foundation consists of the Founder and the Foundation Board

§ 11 The Foundation Board’s duty is to make decisions on all issues. The Foundation’s Board manages the Foundation’s operations and represents it.

§ 12 The Foundation Board consists of 2 to 3 people including the President and the Vice-President.

§ 13 The Founder impanels and recalls Board Members.

§ 14 The Founder may become the Board’s member.

§ 15 1) The Foundation Board’s competences are:

a) representing the Foundation,

b) managing the Foundation’s property,

c) acting on behalf of the Foundation’s objectives,

d) accepting endowments, inheritances and legacies,

e) creating and liquidating centers, teams and other organization units which operate within the Foundation,

f) passing operating programs and annual operating statements of the Foundation,

g) passing statutes of cost and expenditure reimbursement to persons who incurred them in relation to the Foundation’s operations,

2) Decisions pertaining to sub-clauses 5), 6) and 7) require resolutions.

§ 16

1) The Foundation Board Meetings take place as the need arises and they are called up by the President or the Vice-President.

2) Board Members should receive notifications on meetings appended with the agenda at least 10 days before the meeting date.

§ 17

1) Board Meetings are chaired by the President.

2) The Board makes resolutions which are passed with a simple majority with the participation of all of its members.

§ 18 Membership in the Board ceases at the moment of resignation, recalling or death of the member.

§ 19

1) The Board may call up an Office to rationalize the Foundation’s operations. The office is governed by the Office Director.

2) The Board may call up an Artistic Director who is responsible for the Foundation’s artistic program.

3) Directors work on the basis of the scope specified in the power of attorney granted by the Board.

4) The Board establishes the work conditions, payment terms and organizational statute of the Office employees.

§ 20

1) Declarations of intent on behalf of the Board are made by the entire Foundation Board.

2) The Board may pass an internal statute of Board operations.

Chapter IV

Foundation’s Property

§ 21

1) The Foundation’s property consists of assets indicated in the declaration of intent on establishing the Foundation and the property, movables and financial resources obtained during the Foundation’s operation.

2) The Foundation’s revenue consists of the following:

a) endowments, inheritances, legacies, subsidies coming from persons in the country or from abroad,

b) revenue from the Foundation’s property,

c) revenue from fund-raising and public events,

d) subventions from legal persons,

e) other deposits.

§ 22 The Foundation shall use its assets to carry out all its objectives unless the assets were handed over to the Foundation for particular purpose.

§ 23 In the case where the Foundation is called up for inheritance, the Board makes a statement on accepting the inheritance with the benefit of the inventory.

§ 24 The Foundation is liable for its obligations with all its assets.

Chapter V

Final Provisions

§ 25

1) Any amendments hereto may pertain to a change in the objectives of the Foundation.

2) The decisions on amending the Memorandum of Association are made by the Founder in a resolution.